Thursday, April 24, 2008

and the bride wore...white & black!

Hello - I'm back!

I've taken a long break from making jewelry, but something always calls me back. This time it was a request to make some bridal jewelry for a co-worker. It's a somewhat unconventional combination for a bride, however I think it will look stunning! The dress is white with black embroidered flowers and the bride will have her dark chestnut hair in a 1920's bobbed wave.

She really wanted black Swarovski crystals and I suggested that a few pearls thrown in would keep it from looking too "goth". I'm happy with the end result and I think she is too!

I've plans to re-open my Etsy Jewelry store at the end of May and will be posting more pics of my progress as I move into production. I'm looking forward to sitting myself back down at my work table and bending wire again. I really miss this creative outlet when I don't have any projects on the go!

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