Monday, January 14, 2008

"Feelin" the Green

These are not new earrings, I made them back before Christmas - but they have become my new favorites. It's funny that I'm not too attached to most of the items I design and make. I think it's because for me, the thrill is in the "figuring" it all out, and putting it all together. Once that's complete I'm on to the next idea. However, for some reason I just couldn't part with these earrings. I think it's the bright "appleness" of the colour. Many people have asked if they are jade because the colour is similar. The stone is called Chrysoprase. I think it belongs to the Chalcedony family...

Sadly, I have run out of stones now. I made 3 pairs of earrings and sold two. These stones were especially nice because they were drilled the long way, which I think looks nice in a "danlgly" style of jewelry.

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