Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Busy season...

Here we are again, with the holiday season fast approaching! Every year it appears far too quickly. I've been busy making jewelry but I confess that I haven't been remembering to document my new work. I tried taking photos last weekend but my hands were too shaky and all my photos ended up blurry! I've posted some here anyways, because these are the only photos I have.

This winter has been all about using up left over inventory and supplies I purchased last year that sat in my drawer for the summer. I haven't done any craft fairs for the past couple of years, but this winter I'm doing two. The first was the Maternal Creations fair that took place yesterday. My reasons for doing this event were not to sell lots of jewelry, but to meet and connect with other "crafty" moms. I met some lovely women yesterday, which made the entire event well worth while. It also got me inspired to haul out my sewing machine and get sewing again! The other Craft fair is an event I am organizing myself for my office. I've invited about 15 other crafty women to take part in a lunch hour craft fair at my work. I'm really looking forward to this one (as well as being a bit nervous) because I'm the one organizing it. I doubt it will be a "dud" but there is always that little tiny fear of failure when you're the one hosting something!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

and the bride wore...white & black!

Hello - I'm back!

I've taken a long break from making jewelry, but something always calls me back. This time it was a request to make some bridal jewelry for a co-worker. It's a somewhat unconventional combination for a bride, however I think it will look stunning! The dress is white with black embroidered flowers and the bride will have her dark chestnut hair in a 1920's bobbed wave.

She really wanted black Swarovski crystals and I suggested that a few pearls thrown in would keep it from looking too "goth". I'm happy with the end result and I think she is too!

I've plans to re-open my Etsy Jewelry store at the end of May and will be posting more pics of my progress as I move into production. I'm looking forward to sitting myself back down at my work table and bending wire again. I really miss this creative outlet when I don't have any projects on the go!

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Feelin" the Green

These are not new earrings, I made them back before Christmas - but they have become my new favorites. It's funny that I'm not too attached to most of the items I design and make. I think it's because for me, the thrill is in the "figuring" it all out, and putting it all together. Once that's complete I'm on to the next idea. However, for some reason I just couldn't part with these earrings. I think it's the bright "appleness" of the colour. Many people have asked if they are jade because the colour is similar. The stone is called Chrysoprase. I think it belongs to the Chalcedony family...

Sadly, I have run out of stones now. I made 3 pairs of earrings and sold two. These stones were especially nice because they were drilled the long way, which I think looks nice in a "danlgly" style of jewelry.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tektite Black Moldavite Meteor!?

Well - that was the name description of the focal bead for this necklace..... I think it looks like lava myself.

This necklace is a hand linked gold filled chain with alternating gold stardust beads, labradorite, onynx and freshwater pearls. I'm trying hard to improve my photography shots. Ultimately I know I need a light box to achieve this. In the meantime I was fairly happy with how this picture turned out.