Monday, November 19, 2007

Olive I'm in love

In my goal to showcase some jewelry in new colour palettes I've switched into the Olive tones. This necklace is a collaboration of smoky green quartz and Grossular Green Mali garnets. I love how these earthy greens look with gold!

Looking at my jewelry one might think I'm a very elegant and classy kinda gal. The truth couldn't be more different! My daily uniform is strictly jeans & T shirts. I've never owned a pair of heals and rarely remember my makeup! It's curious that I love designing such exquisite high end jewelry. I really do love designing it and get a total thrill to see it on other people. It's just that I'm not my own muse. For myself I wear very little jewelry and when I do it's small and subtle. Ironic?

A lot of designers design for themselves, but I'm not one of them. I love designing specific styles for people I know. Some of my friends are very classic and elegant and others are edgy and off beat. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting their different personal styles and designing pieces specifically for them! That is my favorite part of designing jewelry.

I thought it would be fun to include a photo of my "studio" which is really just a small computer desk in the corner of my bedroom. Try as I might to keep it tidy and organized it just explodes into what you see pictured here every time I sit down to make something...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Movin into Grey...

Ok - I promised a new colour scheme, and although I know grey isn't exactly a "colour", I thought it would be a break from all the blue jewelry I've been posting lately.

The center piece of this necklace is a Thai Hilltribe Silver Orchid. The Thai people are truly talented artists. Every flower is different and you can see how each person puts their own special embellishments into each piece they create. I have some silver butterflies on their way which I can't wait to design something with.

My photos of this necklace did not turn out well. The light was too dark when I was taking them, and even my macro shots are blurry. Oh well - I plan to work on my photography skills in the new year!

Friday, November 9, 2007

There's something about blue....

I'm not sure what it is about blue in jewelry - but it seems to be one of the colours people gravitate to the most. Watery aqua blues, bright Lapis blues, bright turquoise blues or Icy Kyanite blues...they always get the most attention. The more I try to steer my colour palettes in other directions (away from blue) the more people ask for it. Knowing that it sells well, I've put together a few more pieces with Kyanite. These are from the first wave of Christmas Collections I'm currently designing.

Next week I promise a new colour!!

Cheers! Jodi

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Garnets remind me of Christmas

Every November I hunker down in the dark rainy evenings and get to work on my Seasonal Jewelry Collections. Christmas is my busiest time of year for sales, and I always do a few "Christmasy" pieces because people really like them. For me Garnets are the perfect Christmas stone. Their deep rich red colour really says "Winter" to me. I love garnets with gold. Pictured here are a necklace and bracelet from my upcoming Christmas Collection.