Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Busy season...

Here we are again, with the holiday season fast approaching! Every year it appears far too quickly. I've been busy making jewelry but I confess that I haven't been remembering to document my new work. I tried taking photos last weekend but my hands were too shaky and all my photos ended up blurry! I've posted some here anyways, because these are the only photos I have.

This winter has been all about using up left over inventory and supplies I purchased last year that sat in my drawer for the summer. I haven't done any craft fairs for the past couple of years, but this winter I'm doing two. The first was the Maternal Creations fair that took place yesterday. My reasons for doing this event were not to sell lots of jewelry, but to meet and connect with other "crafty" moms. I met some lovely women yesterday, which made the entire event well worth while. It also got me inspired to haul out my sewing machine and get sewing again! The other Craft fair is an event I am organizing myself for my office. I've invited about 15 other crafty women to take part in a lunch hour craft fair at my work. I'm really looking forward to this one (as well as being a bit nervous) because I'm the one organizing it. I doubt it will be a "dud" but there is always that little tiny fear of failure when you're the one hosting something!