Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tanzanite Inspirations

Wow, it's time to start blogging again! I took a bit of a break over the holiday season, but I'm back at it again. I just finished this bracelet for a co-worker. She loves tanzanite and that was my starting point for this piece. I decided to make it really colourful by adding orange and green and gold to it. The brilliant blue of the tanzanite really stands out.

I just opened my Etsty shop a few weeks ago so I need to take this opportunity for some shameless self promotion. You can see what I have for sale at

I encourage all jewelry designers to explore Etsy. It is a forum for crafts people to buy and sell all things handmade. What a brilliant concept! And its free - well almost free. You have to pay a small fee to post something for sale, and pay a small commission when something sells. It's a bit like eBay that way. It's still better than paying 50% to a store for placing an item on consignment!